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To speak of EVA indoor mat, created by An Shun Enterprise Co., Ltd. from 1985, over 10 years till now. This serious product from simple color mat that put on children's playing room, living room , to keep children safe in activity . More develop into educational mat, such as Alphabet mat, Digit mat, various language mat, etc.
To help preschool children get ready to learn in advance. Also the design mat is in double function of education and play.
To teach children recognizing necessary items of life by game of puzzle. At present time, due to improvement in processing technique of EVA foaming material, we have printing mat and printing puzzle mat. The interlock between mats from general square way to non- regular puzzle together with square ones. The development of EVA Foam Mat is becoming giant series.
Regarding material of EVA Foam from offering to shoes material in early time , after research in many years, An Shun Co. develop EVA foam of non-smell, non-toxin, good for children. No poor influence to children in growing. Meanwhile, our materials meet CE & ST approval. It is absolutely safe.
As for usage of EVA Foam Mat, from household item to be used gradually in kindergarten, school, hospital, sanatorium, etc.
The products include Color mat, Digit mat, Alphabet mat, Design mat, Mini mat, Printing mat, Puzzle mat and various language mat as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebraic. In addition to our own design, welcome customer's design.
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