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Our plain color mat is soft, elastic, durable, and made from special EVA FOAM material , non-toxin & non-smell,smell, non-water absorbent . It is easy to clean, safer and more sanitary . On specification, it is designed teeth-interlock, .easy to tear & assemble , convenient for carrying & store. Various colors could be matched by personal creation to make unique style.
As floor mat or sleeping mat in children's room, kindergarten, or nursery.
AS exercise mat for Yoga , healthy dancing, Judo or in gymnasium.
As protection mat in hospital, sanatorium, special unit.
As the best seat mat and sleeping mat during outdoor activities, camping.
Basic color
Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Light green, Black, White.
Other colors from customer are available.
Product Used Ways
30cm x 30cm x 10mm , 10pcs/shrinking/set, 12sets/ctn/5cuft
30cm x 30cm x 12mm , 10pcs/shrinking/set, 10sets/ctn/5cuft
30cm x 30cm x 14.5mm, 10pcs/shrinking/set ,10set/ctn/5.5cuft
45cm x 45cm x 10mm , 8pcs/shrinking/set, 12sets/ctn/7.76cuft
45cm x 45cm x 14.5mm, 8pcs/shrinking /set, 5sets/ctn/9.3cuft
60cm x 60cm x 10mm, 48pcs/ctn/7.23cuft
60cm x 60cm x 12mm, 36pcs/ctn/6.54cuft
60cm x 60cm x 14.5mm, 24pcs/ctn/5.32cuft
90cm x 90cm x 10mm, 20pcs/ctn/6.86cuft
90cm x 90cm x 12mm, 15pcs/ctn/6.24cuft
90cm x 90cm x 14.5mm, 12pcs/ctn/6.05cuft
30cm x 10cm x 10mm , 6pcs/shrinking/set, 44sets/ctn/3.57cuft
30cm x 10cm x 12mm, 6pcs/shrinking/set, 36sets/ctn/3.57cuft
30cm x 30cm x 14.5mm, 6pcs/shrinking/set, 30sets/ctn/3.57cuft
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