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  Material of non-smell, non-toxic,safty EVA foaming Can be produced in different color or print your logo  
PB-01 Hardness: 40o -45o 9cm x 9cm x 5mm, 32 pcs/set/carton
PB-02 Hardness: 55o -60o 9cm x 9cm x 5mm, 32 pcs/set/carton
PB-01 and PB-02 are small size of 3D-puzzle ball, assembled by 20 hexagonal slices and 12 pentagonal slices of geometric EVA pieces.
It can be assembled to different 3-D shape, but if followed by a certain rule, then it can be assembled to a spheroid, the size is similar to a football.
3D puzzle is intelligent toy emphasizing using children・s brain.It can train children・s thinking ability and encourage children・s desire of creation.
PB-03 Hardness: 50o (+-3o ) 56m x 57cm x 20mm, 12 pcs/set/carton bigger size, suitable for playing in swimming pool or kindergarten
.PB-03 is large-sized of 3D puzzle ball, assembled by 12 slices of giant pentagonal EVA piece, suitable for activities of ages of 5~12.
Because of it・s firm constitution, it can be played on ground & water. For ground activity, it can be used in kindergarten or courtyard for children・s climbing and rolling. Children also can get into inside of the ball, experience the fun of rolling inside the spheroid.
PB-03 can be used as a floated boat for children・s water activity or rest.
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