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We are a specialist manufacturer of high-quality EVA, PE NR, SBR, PVC and other foam materials, used mainly in colored mats, building blocks, exercise equipment materials and removable mid-soles, out-soles and insoles for shoes.
We pay special attention to R&D and have obtained patents for several of our products in Taiwan and the U.S.
EVA material
  for shoes, toys, gift, exercise equipment, cleaning equipment, packing material, etc.
Children's item
  EVA toys, teaching item , EVA mat, block, bath toy , puzzle mat, cartoon wall decor., etc.
Exercise mat
  Gymnastics mat, Karate mat, Judo mat, etc.
Completely technique for EVA producing process
Completely technique & products for fabric made of 100% Recycled PET bottles.
Completely technique & products for products made from Recycled Tire.
9F -2, No.137 Leu-Chwan West Street , Taichung , Taiwan , R.O.C.  Tel : +886-4-22264579  Fax :+886-4-22258991  E-Mail : anshuen@ms16.hinet.net
Baoan Wei Industrial Zone, Gaobu Town , Dongguan City , Guangdong, China   E-Mail : anshuen@163.com
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